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How to attract women on Facebook

Almost every man on Loveawake dating site, made at least one attempt to pick-up and attract a girl that he liked.

Usually, the methods used by are pretty weak, even pathetic, and they include:

  • Poking a girl (or sending online kisses, sending present etc.)
  • Adding her as a friend
  • Sending some typical message like, “Hi, how are you?”
  • Sending very long messages that show lots of interest in the girl.

As I discuss in my other posts, attractive women get lots of attention from men. They get offers, date invitations, men try to pick them up, etc. In fact, a friend of mine, who I consider very attractive, gets tens of friend requests, pokes, all kinds of messages and so on every week. Even if she really wanted, she couldn’t pay attention to all of them.

The Way to Attract Women Is Being Unique and Special

So many guys try to poke her. Don’t do that. Don’t just send her a friend request unless you’re some model. Don’t send her some typical message.

Always think how she sees your acts. Sending a long message that shows much interest is also not a good idea, as she’ll think to herself – “Why the hell is he so interested in me, he doesn’t even know me”.

So, after discussing what NOT to do, let’s focus on ways to increase your chances. First, we need to understand that the online world lacks body language and it lacks voice tonality. The only tool you have here is words (This is important, because words are only 7% of a real-life conversation).


However, there is still a way to add emotions even to an online texting. Women know this “trick”, men usually don’t use it: Do you know what ‘XD’ is?  How about ‘:P’ ? and LOL? hehehe? Those are not words, those are ways to deliver emotions via text.

So, when texting with a woman, a good way to attract her attention is to use emotions (remember, women LOVE emotions much more than men). Try using:

XD, hehehehe, lol, , , mmmmm (you are thinking to yourself) and many others.

Push her interest buttons

Encourage her interest, so that she will want and even DESIRE to message you back.

I suggest that you comment or ask a question about her photo (but not about her body!), her wall, her interests, her likes, mutual friends. It should look like you checked her profile and not only here looks.

Always – try to be interesting and funny.

If you will be unique, use emoticons and push her interest buttons – you have a good chance of her being interested.


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