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6 Components for Writing an Excellent Essay

Have your professors ever assigned you with the task of writing interesting Initial sentences or to explore that college essay introduction examples?

But if you are new to the concept and have no idea about writing it, it is completely okay.

You can learn about the Initial sentences and techniques to write them in this article.

What is a Initial Sentence?

The initial sentence is the opening sentence of the body paragraphs of your essay. It summarizes the main ideas discussed in the rest of the paragraphs. Similarly, it also prepares the readers for the information presented and educates a person about a good college essay.

It is the duty of the writer to mark the start of a new idea. Otherwise, it would seem like a continuation of the previous paragraph.

It is somehow similar to the thesis statement that sums up the central idea of your paper. However, an Initial sentence introduces the idea of a particular paragraph.

On the other hand, a thesis statement is always stated after the introduction. But the paragraphs mainly start with an initial sentence.

Thus, it is better that you should learn writing a thesis statement to draft an Initial sentence effectively. On the other hand, you can take guidance from an online college essay writers.

How to Write an Initial Sentence?

Writing an Initial sentence is a simple task. All you have to do is to follow a few guidelines for it. These are given below:

Since the Initial sentence presents the idea of the paragraph, make sure it is written in a clear and understandable way. Do not make it too general or vague so that it moves away from the focused idea. The simpler it is, the more chances are there for the reader to read it further.

Moreover, it should not sound like an announcement. Instead, the starting must be natural. Avoid using sentences like “In this paragraph, I have expressed my opinion on the rising corruption rates in China.”

The body paragraphs are written with the purpose of proving the thesis statement. Therefore, write an Initial sentence that supports your thesis statement.

Similarly, it is also better that you should discuss a single idea in each paragraph. Make sure that it is not too broad or narrow.

Initial sentences also act like hook sentences that are used to attract the audience. Thus, try to make it interesting by adding some details and emotions to get them involved.

As a write my college essay always remembers that you have to justify everything that you say with the help of strong evidence. Thus, make sure not to write something which you cannot prove later on.

Lastly, your Initial sentence must act as a smooth transition from the previous paragraph to the next. It will help you avoid jumping from one paragraph to another abruptly.

How to Start an Initial Sentence?

Follow these steps while starting an Initial sentence.

  • Develop a strong thesis statement for your essay
  • Brainstorm all the relevant ideas
  • Organize them in a logical manner
  • Make smooth transitions to move from one paragraph to another
  • Cover the central argument that you want to discuss in your paper

This guide will help you write an engaging Initial sentence. Students who get confused with the concept of writing thesis statements and Initial sentences must take professional help.

Many online companies provide services to help students in writing their “college essay” and other assignments at affordable rates.

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