Warning Signs of Sex Addiction in Men

The majority of people are aware that sex addiction exists, but many are unsure of what it exactly entails. Sexual addiction is defined as sexual behavior that has developed into a compulsive pattern—no longer just for personal enjoyment—and that has negative effects that gravely interfere with a person's relationships and career. Beautiful Vietnamese sex

While sex addiction frequently entails having sex with one or more people, extreme use of pornography, chat rooms on the internet, or sexting with total strangers could also be considered an addiction. For instance, if a man starts watching pornography for several hours every day, he starts to think that porn actually depicts how real people make love.

 He finds himself losing interest in the wife, whom he had previously found to be sexually alluring, as his expectations rise. He is so consumed with sexual excitement that he finds work and family boring in comparison.

To be clear, sex addiction affects both men and women. Only a small percentage of women also engage in compulsive sexual behavior. In this article, we'll only discuss men because women generally experience sex addiction somewhat differently than men do.

The following five actions may be signs of sex addiction in men: How should we handle this? It is time to speak with a sex therapist or a psychiatrist and possibly think about inpatient treatment if any of these symptoms are present. The Healthy Sex Blog has more.

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