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Exercises to do at Home

No time to go to the gym? Need to know some simple exercises to do at home? Than why not try some of the suggestions below? Especially recommended for the Domestic Goddesses.

Why should you do exercises at Home?

You know that strength training is essential, it prevents muscle and bone density loss, boosts your metabolism and results in an attractive, toned appearance. If you don’t have the time or don’t like to go to the gym there are a number of personal cardio fitness equipment or abdominal fitness equipment you can use at home.

But even without any kind of special exercise equipment there are lots of simple exercises to do at home. Like with every form of exercise, be gentle to your body and don’t go from zero to one hundred in two days, but increase your exercise level slowly. So start with just one of the suggestions instead of trying to squeeze all of them into one day.

8 Simple Exercises To Do At Home

1. Sleepy - Turn your mattress every week – it’s a great all over body workout

2. Reaching for your cupboard - Rise up on your toes and hold for three seconds. To work different muscles in your leg, point alternate toes in and out.

3. Having a garden - Go out there and chop wood, wheel a heavy barrow or dig

4. Grocery Shopping - Carrying the bags home works the core and upper body. Also carry a basket instead of pushing a trolley if you can.Ironing? Squeeze your buttock cheeks together for 10 seconds as if holding a credit card between them. Repeat 10 times.

5. Floor cleaning - Ditch the mob and clean floors with a scrubbing brush. Extend your torso, keeping your back straight and core engaged, and exaggerate your arm movement for a great abdominal and arm workout.

6. Separating Laundry - Squat down to take an item out of the basket, then stand up to place it in the washing machine. Keep heels on the floor and don’t round your upper back.Other simple exercises to do at home are to squat when getting food out of the fridge, unloading the dishwasher or picking something up off the floor.

7. Vacuuming - Lunge as you push and hold for a moment.Washing the dishes? Do side leg raises. Raise and lower each leg 10 times. Don’t lean as you lift. To improve this simple exercise, tie an exercise band around your ankles.

8. Want a clean floor - Kneel on a cushion and put a dust rag under each hand. Keeping the body straight, slowly lower your upper body by sliding your hands out until your chest touches the floor. Rest for a second, then sit back up and repeat. This simple exercise will give you great pecs and a clean floor.


Here you have some great simple exercises to do at home for the domestic goddess. If you like these exercises stay tuned, we will give you some more ideas for simple exercises to do in the office  or on the go.

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