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5 characteristics of every good ESA dog.

5 characteristics of every good ESA dog.

The steps to getting a dog as an emotional support animal are not that difficult. These steps will be discussed here. But there are a few characteristics that one needs to check before getting a dog. Surely this article will focus on the characteristics of the dog as an ESA. However, before we see those characteristics, it is better to know the process of registering a regular pet as an emotional support animal. These steps are simple and easy to understand, which will be explained in the following section.

At realesaletter, we believe that every good ESA dog should possess certain characteristics. Our team of experts has put together a list of 5 important traits that make a great ESA dog. These include being gentle, obedient, loyal, loving, and responsive to their owner's needs. If you're looking for a furry friend who can provide you with emotional support and help you navigate through life's challenges, we're here to help you find the perfect ESA dog.

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There is another formal letter required too. It is called a real esa letter for housing, which legally allows a tenant or house owner to keep an animal at home. This letter holds the ethical and legal authority to legitimize a person to keep the animal at their apartment or home. Your landlord or neighbors cannot question the presence of that animal in this case since you have this legal letter that holds everywhere in the world. This letter will also exempt you from paying pet taxes that are difficult to pay pet owners. So, when you are about to get a dog, make sure that you have these two documents.

The above is a formal requirement to be fulfilled by people before getting a dog. There are five other characteristics too that one needs to look for before getting a dog.

  1. The main characteristic of a dog is the intelligence of the dog or pet you are getting. It is necessary because an intelligent animal helps in keeping the patient safe and sound. They are intuitive enough to help their owner in need. Especially people suffering from mental issues like anxiety and depression need to get intelligent animals and dogs in this case are the best option. So, before getting a dog for your home make sure that the dog is in its best mental state and is wise and sharp to protect you. They should be quick to sense their surroundings and always be on their guard to keep you safe
  1. Make sure that the dog you are getting has a good temperament. Any dog that might be temperamental or moody can be difficult to keep at home. They will be of no help to you as they will hamper your life in many ways. If you are a patient then having a moody dog is the worst thing that can happen to you. Instead of taking your care, that dog will require your care and attention. Thus, one should make sure that the dog they are getting from the agency is a happy dog that keeps their mood lightened as well.
  1. The dog should be easy to train, it should not be stubborn like some other animals. There are a few dog breeds that are extremely rigid. These dogs are unable to act as you train them no matter how hard you work on them. So, a person needs to do their homework before getting the dog. Or they might get caged with an animal that is unwilling to provide them emotional support. Dog choices, in this case, matter a lot, such that one wrong choice and the patient's life will become harder; as they keep trying to train that dog.
  1. The dog should be house-trained, which means that the dog knows how to behave at home. They should know how to interact with people, and they should never promote violence. They should be friendly with all the family members. Moreover, they should be toilet trained such that they won't mess up the whole house. If they are not toilet trained, then that is a serious headache for an anxiety or OCD patient. Thus, this kind of pre-training for house dogs should be done. A person should make sure that these two types of training are provided to the dog to prevent the hassle.
  1. The dog should be trained to deal with society as they are emotional support who are supposed to amalgamate the patient with society. Thus, the patient should check that either the dog is compatible with society or not. There are a few breeds that are not comfortable in crowds. So, they are not eligible to be an ESA. Hence, the person needs to check that the dog is trained socially to interact and make people comfortable while meeting with people. This is the most important characteristic without which the purpose of ESA is void.

These are the five characteristics that must be present in every ESA dog.

The first step in making a dog an ESA is to download the questionnaire online. This form asks for information about animals and their keeping. It judges your knowledge of animals and animal keeping at home. After this step, you need to visit a clinic or hospital to get examined by a licensed mental health practitioner. The legal license number of doctors should be there on the emotional support animal letter. This letter allows a person to take an animal with them even in public places where pets are not allowed.

These characteristics are described from the experience of pet owners. If they are not present in the dog, then you need to rethink your choice and get a dog that has those characteristics. These criteria are not difficult for dogs. So, you won't face much difficulty while finding such a dog with all these traits. Therefore, visit the agency and find the right dog for your therapy.

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