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How to choose a vape starter kit!

There are many ways to enjoy vaping that do not exist in the so-called paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes. How you choose a starter kit also depends on how you enjoy vaping. Here we will introduce how to choose a starter kit from the perspective of various ways to enjoy vaping.

Enjoying flavors

One of the advantages of vape is that you can enjoy a variety of flavors. It is also a good idea to choose a vape that focuses on enjoying flavors. In this section, we will introduce how to choose one specifically in terms of flavors, including what you should focus on in such cases.

Choose a model that is easy to flavor

Even if the same liquid is used in a vape, the ease of flavor production may vary depending on the model. The ease of flavor production depends on the specifications of the vape model, such as output power, as well as the temperature of the liquid. In order to choose one that produces flavor easily for you, it is a good idea to consult with the staff while trying it out at a store where you can actually experience the product. Another criterion is whether or not the product has a temperature control function. If it has a temperature control function, you can smoke at a constant temperature, allowing you to enjoy flavors in a stable manner.

Choose a model with many liquid choices

If you want a wide choice of liquids, a liquid-infusion type is more suitable than a cartridge-replacement type. Among liquid-infusion types, it is recommended to choose a tank made of heat-resistant glass, which is compatible with menthol-based liquids. Plastic tanks may crack in some cases when menthol-based liquids are used. This can lead to malfunctions, so from a safety standpoint, it is recommended to choose a heat-resistant glass tank.

Enjoying the explosion of smoke

One of the unique ways to enjoy vaping is to exhale a large amount of vapors, known as "smoke explosion," as you like. If you are a beginner and want to enjoy the smoke explosion with a starter kit, here is how you should select a starter kit.

Choosing the safest one

The resistance value of the coil, which is a component inside the atomizer, is related to the generation of smoke explosion. The appeal of vape is that you can replace the coil and other components and customize it as you like. However, customization requires a little knowledge of electricity, and many people find this a hurdle to overcome. If you try to modify your vape without knowledge, you run the risk of causing an accident. Especially for beginners, it is safer to choose a kit that is labeled as an explosive vaping starter kit from the start. If the starter kit is designed for smoking, you will be able to enjoy smoking immediately after purchase.

Select a starter kit with an emphasis on the capacity of the battery and tank.

When enjoying smoke explosions, both batteries and liquid will be consumed more than in the normal way of smoking. Therefore, it is necessary to select a model with a battery capacity sufficient to enjoy a long smoking session and a tank that can be filled with more liquid. 1,500 to 2,000 mAh battery capacity is enough to last a full day of use without recharging in the normal smoking style. Keep this figure in mind as a reference.

Enjoy smartly

High expandability is one of the features of vape. Many beginners have an image that vapes are difficult to handle, but if you have a good background knowledge, you can handle vapes easily. Here we will introduce how to select a starter kit that is easy to use and can be enjoyed smartly.

Choose a model that is easy to inject liquid

There are two main methods of injecting liquid in the liquid-infusion type. The bottom-fill type injects from the bottom of the atomizer, and the top-fill type injects from the top. The bottom-fill type requires the atomizer to be removed from the battery when injecting liquid, which is more time-consuming. The top-fill type is easier to inject because the liquid can be injected while the atomizer is still connected to the battery.

Select a model with convenient functions

Vape has long been considered to require a certain level of knowledge on the part of the user, but thanks to various advances in vape technology, many functions are now available that are easy for beginners to use. One of the most notable is the temperature control function. The advantage of this feature is not only that it makes it easier to obtain a consistent flavor. Temperature control also reduces the risk of burnt coils due to insufficient supply of liquid. When coils are burnt, a phenomenon called dry hit occurs, which causes a burnt or pungent taste. The temperature control function makes it easier to prevent this from happening. Also, the battery lasts longer, so the coils can be used continuously for a longer period of time. Especially for beginners, it is safe to say that you can't go wrong if you choose one with a temperature control function.

Enjoy the experience by envisioning the scene of use

It is very important to envision the scene of use when considering how to enjoy the product. One of the ways to enjoy vape is to find the best one for you from among various types of vapes depending on the scene of use. Here we will introduce how to choose the best one for you.

Choosing by battery life

Vape requires electric power. If you are going to use it throughout the day, it is best to choose a battery with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 mAh, as mentioned above. It is also important to carry spare batteries if the battery is a replaceable type.

Select a vape based on compactness

Vape models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many box types are large and heavy, so you can enjoy the power and functions unique to such models, especially if you enjoy them at home. If you want to carry it around with you when you are out and about, a relatively light and compact type, such as a pen type or stick type, would be suitable. Each type has its own scene that suits it better than the other, so it is possible to carry two units and enjoy them separately in different situations.

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