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First time use the vape starter kit

Many people are thinking about purchasing a starter kit if they want to start vaping. However, since there are many different types of starter kits, many people have trouble deciding which one to purchase. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a starter kit and what we recommend. After reading this article, you will know which starter kit is best for you and you will be excited to start vaping.

There is nothing difficult about using a starter kit. Its greatest appeal is that even beginners can handle it easily. The following is a detailed flow of how to use the product after purchase.

Charging the battery

The main unit is charged directly via USB, so the battery is charged by connecting it to a computer or other device. Most starter kits include a USB cable for charging. It is also possible to connect the USB to an AC adapter of a smartphone or other device and charge the battery from an outlet, but in this case, be careful about the voltage. Forced charging is very dangerous as it may cause ignition or explosion. Handle it properly and safely.

Filling with liquid

The method of filling salt nicotine liquid varies depending on the type. For the liquid-filled type, the atomizer can be removed and the liquid poured into the tank for repeated use. For the first time, leave the atomizer for 5 to 10 minutes after filling to allow the liquid to fully soak into the coils to prevent the coils from running dry. Running dry will burn the coils and lead to malfunctions. Be sure to follow this procedure. It is also important to avoid getting liquid on your hands. Especially in the case of nicotine-containing liquid, just getting it on your hands may cause acute nicotine poisoning. Because it is a simple operation, be careful and prepare it safely.

In the case of the replaceable cartridge type, the procedure is completed by simply setting the cartridge into the main unit. If it runs out, replace it with a new one and you can start using it right away again.

Turn on the power

Once you have made the preparations up to this point, all that is left is to turn on the power and enjoy the device. Although it varies from model to model, most vapes are turned on by pressing the button on the body five times in succession. The number of presses and the position of the button varies from model to model, but it is not difficult.

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