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Yet another exemplory instance of check equipment may be the Human Allergen Unique IgE ELISA Assay, that is applied to quantitate and qualitate the allergen unique individual Immunoglobulin E. The full total Protein A/G of the specimen is decided before doing allergen unique IgE assays. The Individual Growth Hormone (HGH), a different type of test system is useful for screening the fertility of a woman. It decides the human development hormone concentration within the human serum.

There are also test kits for infectious diseases and one of these simple may be the Bordetella pertussis IgA, that is meant to be useful for determining the specific IgA antibodies contrary to the Bordetella pertussis in the plasma and serum. The assay is made for in-vitro diagnostic test only. Therefore, further tests need to be taken in to account.There are several manufacturers of ELISA products and one of these is Shanghai PZ Bio-tech Co., Ltd. in China.

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